Prof. Dr. Zeeshan Amir

GBAMS has consciously striven to make its education more relevant by choosing pedagogical approaches, materials and technologies that develop the skills needed today. We have also expanded our students' wellbeing, safety programme virtues-orientation and youth empowerment work to develop pupils’ socio-emotional skills. We have sought to create a happy and safe environment in our academy during this Covid-19 Pandamic. The whole campus is being sanitized . Online classes are being conducted where there is scope for self-expression, where students feel accepted, affirmed and fortified, where their confidence and self-belief grows, and where they feel empowered to take on the world.

I am absolutely thrilled with the developments of the past year, and am proud of the diligent and dutiful GBAMS staff who remain in a posture of learning, and are constantly accepting new challenges in order to help students to shore up the many spectacular victories described above. I am grateful to our discerning parents' community for recognizing the specialness of  GBAMS education, for entrusting us with their wards and for supporting the home-college partnership.
I wish a great and bright future to our present and passed out students.